Pros and Cons – Local Measures Nov. 2016

Regional Measures

Results as of 11/22/16. Source – Alameda Registrar of Voters

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Alameda County – Bond Measure A1: Alameda County Affordable Housing Bond. Yes 73.3%

Alameda-Contra Costa Transit, Special District 1 – Measure C1: To preserve essential local public transportation services. Yes 82.57%

Bay Area Rapid Transit District – Bond Measure RR: BART Safety, Reliability and Traffic Relief. Yes 71.31%

City of Berkeley

Berkeley USD – Measure E1Berkeley Public Schools Educational Excellence Act of 2016. Yes 88.86%

City of Berkeley (1) – Bond Measure T1: Infrastructure and Facilities Bond.  Yes 86.6%

City of Berkeley (2) – Measure U1 & (11) – Measure DD: Rental Unit Business License Tax. Yes 74.93% & No 70.95%

City of Berkeley (3) – Measure V1: GANN Appropriation Limit. Yes 87.69%

City of Berkeley (4) – Measure W1: Citizens Redistricting Commission. Yes 88.14%

City of Berkeley (5) – Measure X1: Public Campaign Financing. Yes 64.85%

City of Berkeley (6) – Measure Y1: Youth Voting. Yes 70.31%

City of Berkeley (7) – Measure Z1: Low Income Housing Authorization. Yes 83.34%

City of Berkeley (8) – Measure AA: Rent Board Ordinance. Yes 73.16%

City of Berkeley (9) – Measure BB &  (10) – Measure CC: Minimum Wage. No 65.94% &
No 65.31%

City of Albany

MEASURE N1:  “Measure D” Reform. Yes 64.74%

MEASURE O1: Sugar-Sweetened Beverage General Tax, Yes 71.66%

MEASURE P1:  Sidewalk Repair Special Parcel Tax, Yes 78.6%

MEASURE Q1: Administrative Changes (Filling Vacancies in City Elective Offices, Police and Fire Pension Board, Copying Fees, and Gender Neutral Wording). Yes 78.29%

Measure R1: Civil Service Board. Yes 76.71%

MEASURE S1: School Board Term Limits. No 65.72%

For the original text of the Albany Ballot Measures and the City Attorney’s impartial analysis, go to this link:

For the original text of Albany Ballot Measures as filed with the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, go to this link and click on Measures: