Action Team

We are currently without an Action Director. We will be reorganizing

Meetings of the Action and Program Teams are held at the LWVBAE Office, 2530 San Pablo, Berkeley. Check calendar.  They will be rescheduled after election.

When we “take action’ in the League, we work for, campaign for, and lobby for League policy positions. LWVBAE Action addresses government activities, laws and regulations and proposed ballot measures in our three cities, the county, the greater bay area, the state, and the nation.

The Action Team brings together all the team chairs and all other League members who want to take action on an existing League policy position.  We do that by writing letters, facilitating a meeting, participating in debates, or writing OpEds. The Action Team reports what’s happening in the areas they are following and proposes specific actions to the Board.

 League Priority Areas for Action in 2016-2017

LWVBAE Local Action Teams

Climate Change— find local areas for action; support state and national calls for action.

Civics Education Team–new focus on Prop. 13 Reform

CivilTalk–will demonstrate various methods to engage in civil conversation about controversial topics every few months

Proposed New Teams Spring 2018–Immigration, Housing

LWV California Education and Action Priorities

National Priorities: LWVUS

  • Protecting and Engaging Voters– the many facets of Voting Rights and Election Administration.
  • Money in Politics–money in elections, ethics and lobbying.
  • Climate and Environmental Protection
  • Immigration
  • Healthcare (including Reproductive Choice and Mental Health)

From the April 2017 Action Meeting

2017 Apr 27 Action Meeting Summary

2017 Questions for Legislative Interviews

Civics Ed Report for Action Meeting 04272017

2017-4-27 Draft Defining BESO

2017 Bills to Watch