Membership Team

Jinky Gardner photo

Jinky Gardner

Membership Team Leader:
Jinky Gardner,
Membership Coordinator,

Meet Our Team Members:
Rajelin  Escondo
Elise Mills
Bridget Smith

Membership Records Team:
Jane Coulter, Database Coordinator
Samuela Evans, Co-Database Coordinator

We welcome new members and invite you to join our team. If you are interested, contact and request the location and day and time of next meeting.

Want to become more involved in the League? Come to our regular
New Member Socials. Check the calendar for date, time and location.
At our New Member Socials you will learn more about the League and your opportunities to be an effective League volunteer.

When you volunteer for a League job you:
Learn new skills–we will coach or train you as needed
Expand your experience in building teams, attracting and retaining new members
• M
ake friends with some terrific new colleagues
• Letters of reference are available from LWVBAE
       to document new skills and accomplishments

Here is a recent report on our membership growth and activities and what we still need to do.

About the Team: The Membership Team attracts, recruits, mentors, trains and retains members.  We maintain current membership rolls and keep the Member Handbook up to date.

The Team meets and speaks with new members as promptly as possible when they are joining or shortly thereafter. They check in with new members as needed.

Outreach: Do you like to meet new people? would you like help us reach potential new members?  We plan to:  Develop hand-outs; reach out to neighborhood groups;
reach out to other community organizations; work with other Leagues; and
communicate with the membership about recruitment.

Browse this website to learn more about League lobbying on issues [on the Home page and the Action Team page] and Action and other Teams.  Please send us your comments by clicking on “contact” in red band at top of every page.