Membership Team

Jinky Gardner photo

Jinky Gardner

photo Adena Ishii

Adena Ishii

Membership Team Leaders:
Jinky Gardner,
Membership Coordinator,

Adena Ishii,
Membership Growth Consultant,


Membership Records Team:
Jane Coulter, Database Coordinator
Samuela Evans, Co-Database Coordinator
Mina Jenner, Membership Clerk

We welcome new members and invite you to join our teams. Come to our monthly
New Member Socials. Check the calendar for date, time and location.

In the last six months, we have increased our membership by 25%. We’ve been offering free first year membership. Come to our monthly New Member Social and learn more–grab this opportunity while it is still available.

Here is a recent report on our membership growth and activities and what we still need to do.

About the Team: The Membership Team attracts, recruits, mentors, trains and retains members.  We maintain current membership rolls and keep the Member Handbook up to date.

The Team meets and speaks with new members as promptly as possible when they are joining or shortly thereafter. They check in with new members as needed.

Outreach: We particularly welcome members who would like help us reach potential new members.  We plan to:  Develop hand-outs; reach out to neighborhood groups;
reach out to other community organizations; work with other Leagues; and
communicate with the membership about recruitment.

We have a  Member Handbook which we are updating.   Meanwhile, you can see the previous Handbook on line at Member Handbook – 2014 Web Version.  Please send us your comments by clicking on “contact” in red band at top of every page.