Communications Team

Team  Members

Kandea Mosley,  Social Media,
Cynthia Chen, Press Releases, Google apps administrator
Linda Carothers, Web Manager,
Laszlo Zim, Comm Team Intern

Ruby McDonald, League President,
Note: The President speaks on behalf of the League;all League statements
are approved and reviewed by the President on behalf of the  Board.

The Communication Team distributes League news to members and the
public through our website, eblasts, releases to print and on-line news,
posts on web news calendars, and social media.
The team meets as needed, usually each individual works independently on their assigned task, communicating electronically.

Want to join the Team? We are seeking writers, editors, proofreaders for our publications and Web pages. VOLUNTEER!!

Open Positions
Web Editor–edits our main LWVBAE news sources, posts stories provided by Board, Team Leaders, and writes articles when needed.

Need Publicity for your League Event? To arrange publicity for League and League co-sponsored events, email and state your request[s]. Include: who, what, where, when and provide background, biographical information, and other pertinent details. Submit your information in plain text – not pdfs. Send photos and jpgs as attachments, not within your text. The whole team will get your message and respond appropriately.
For basic calendar listing contact

Questions: If you have a story or want to post something online, or you wish to join our team, contact :