CivilTalk Team: making democracy work

photo Marybeth Falzareno

Team Chair:  Marybeth Falzareno:

Democracy requires collaboration. The CivilTalk Team: Making Democracy Work is  researching several different methods of structured civil discourse on  controversial topics. We  have been researching and getting training on  methods developed by other experienced groups. We are evaluating these methods and selecting a few to learn, practice, and teach to other Leaguers and other community groups and members.

The CivilTalk Team is determined to demonstrate and teach some of the best  formats we have learned and tested. We even have some models ready for you to learn, practice and use.

During elections, voters need to be able to discuss benefits and drawbacks of complex choices safely and pragmatically.

When communities are strongly divided on civic issues, they need to discuss the issues and make decisions that community members with opposing views will accept and support.

Topics we are considering  are safety and justice, climate change, and wealth disparity.

Finding common ground is the foundation of democracy. Our new team builds bridges for civil conversations, benefiting organizers and participants willing to listen non-defensively and dig deeper.
Step outside your comfort zone. Come by to help research, experience and compare methods; we’ll develop ways to reproduce best practices for creating and monitoring structured, respectful dialogues with favorite topics!

The CivilTalk Team initially formed as the Making Democracy Work Team  in Spring 2017, recognizing the urgent need to have more civil discussions with people outside our normal sphere.  To seek commonalities rather than simply stating our opinions.

Our long term goals are to help:

  • Return to respectful communication in public discourse
  • Return to finding common ground rather than domination
  • Improve the mental health of the community
  • Move away from the polarity of parties

We in the League want to engage all community members in democracy.

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