Voter Services Team

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The League of Women Voters continuously strives to ensure that all eligible voters are 1) registered, 2) encouraged to vote, and 3) provided with balanced information about candidates, ballot measures and matters pertaining to good government.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS: See our Voter Service Wrap Up for the 2020 elections. In order to plan for future voter registration and education along with election information and events, we will need volunteers.

Fill Registration Boxes:
Team Leader: (volunteer needed)
LWVBAE participates in the Alameda County Registrar of Voters program to fill 30 Voter Registration Boxes with forms and record the form numbers in public places in Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville – i.e. libraries, post offices, senior citizen centers, schools. Teams of two volunteers can spend an hour a week to maintain one or more boxes, the backs of which have League contact information for personnel to phone or e-mail LWVBAE when forms have run out. More frequent checking of “their” box(es) by volunteers may be necessary just before an election. For this service, the Alameda County Registrar of Voters pays us a small sum per completed registration form, yielding an always helpful few thousand dollars per election cycle for LWVBAE!
Registration of High School Voters:
Team Leader: (volunteer needed)
In the past, high school registration by LWVBAE has occurred during the week before school starts in August, 10 am to noon at two Club Fair Days during the school year and/or at lunchtimes during the school year. The Voter Services Team will decide on strategies depending on the Election Schedule.
Berkeley High Team Leader: (volunteer needed)
Berkeley Tech Team Leader: (volunteer needed)
Albany High Team Leader: (volunteer needed)
Emery Secondary Team Leader: (volunteer needed)

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