Voter Services Team

Meeting Time: Check the website calendar.

Since the League of Women Voters was established,our goal has been to make sure that all eligible voters are registered and to provide balanced information about candidates and ballot measures.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS: We are already planning our work for the 2020 election, by reviewing what worked in 2016. Get an early start with us. In order to deliver voter registration and education along with election information and events, it takes many volunteers. Find an area as noted below and contact Voter Services Coordinator Phyllis Gale at or call her at 510-508-4389.

The Voter Services Team worked hard to educate voters about the ballot issues on the  November 8, 2016 Election. During the election season, we met every week at the League office, 2530 San Pablo, Berkeley. Check the League Calendar for dates.


BART/AC Transit Voter Registration/GOTV Campaign:

Team Leader: Ruby MacDonald

Under the leadership of Ruby MacDonald, the LWVBAE explored the possibility of putting Voter Registration information on BART Trains & Stations and AC Transit Buses and Shelters.

Registration Boxes:

Team Leader: (volunteer needed)

The LWVBAE participates in the Alameda County Registrar of Voters program and have committed to maintaining 30 Voter Registration Boxes throughout Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville. We are looking for teams of two volunteers to adopt one or more boxes and maintain them. Your commitment would be about 1-2 hours per month and during the last month leading up to the closing of registration you will need to check each week. For this service, we are compensated by the Registrar of Voters.

Voter Registration Campaign in our Area High Schools:

Team Leader: (volunteer needed)

The LWBAE is launching a new program to register 17 and 18 year olds in their social studies classes. This is our local implementation of the California Secretary of State Padilla and Superintendent of Instruction Torlakson for High School Voter Education Weeks. We are looking for teams for both Emery Secondary and Albany High. You can find a summary in their cover letter to district superintendents and their principals (link below).

Berkeley High Team Leader: Ruby MacDonald

Berkeley Tech Team Leader: (volunteer needed)

Albany High Team Leader: (volunteer needed)

Emery Secondary Team Leader: (volunteer needed)