The Alameda County Council of the League of Women Voters brings together the presidents or representatives of each of the seven Leagues in the county so that they can act together on county issues and on issues that extend beyond the borders of the individual Leagues. Since October 2012, the ACC’s minutes, decisions, letters to elected bodies and other materials have been posted on the web, where you can learn more about their activities.

The ACC often works closely with the Alameda Country Registrar of Voters. From 2006-8, when the vote counting equipment and technologies were changing rapidly and voters were using electronic voting machines and then electronic scanners to register their votes, representatives of the ACC worked with others to observe and describe in detail how the Registrar counted votes and to suggest improvements. Three reports grew out of these observations.

Proposed Criteria for the Post-Election One Percent Manual Tally in Alameda County, Prepared for the Alameda County Registrar of Voters Election Advisory Committee …February 21, 2006.
Proposed Criteria For Post-Election Manual Tally June07

Counting Our Votes on Paper and Electronically: The League of Women Voters Observes the Election Process In Alameda County in the November 2006 General Election
ACC – Vote Count June 2007

How Our Votes Are Counted: The League of Women Voters Observes Election Processes in Alameda County In 2005
ACC – Vote Count October 2006