Albany Measure N1 2016

“Measure D” Reform

Simple majority vote required

The Question:  Shall an ordinance authorizing the Albany City Council to amend the residential parking requirements established by Measure D (enacted by the Albany voters in 1978), after following the normal procedures for amending City Zoning Ordinances, be adopted?

The Situation:  Measure D, passed in 1978, requires two off-street parking spaces for every new residence, whether the residence is a studio or 3,000 square foot house. This requirement should be changed to provide the City the flexibility to take into account current need for parking spaces for different types of housing.

The Proposal:  Allow the Albany City Council to alter parking requirements following the usual public process for changing the Zoning Code.

Supporters Say:   

  • Seniors and working families are priced out of Albany.  
  • Albany need flexibility in determining the right need for parking spaces to encourage multi-family housing along transit corridors.
  • This will update a 1978 ordinance and give the City the ability to adjust parking rules to meet City needs.

Opponents Say: 

  • No need to change Measure D parking requirement because they only apply to new housing.
  • Measure D doesn’t require 2 spaces all the time.  It allows for an adjustment downward to 1.5 spaces when sufficient on-street parking is available.
  • Measure D creates an incentive for affordable housing.

A “Yes” vote means:   A “Yes” vote is a vote in favor of allowing the City Council to amend the Measure D parking regulations.

A “No” vote means:   A “No” vote is a vote against allowing the City Council to approve such amendments.