25% Membership Increase in 2016 with First Year Free Membership Option

Adena-Ishii2League’s membership has increased by a remarkable 25% since spring of 2016--that is 76 new members– LWVBAE Membership Growth Consultant Adena Ishii reported at the December Board Meeting–thanks to the innovative work of Ishii herself [at left] and of new Membership Coordinator Jinky Gardner [below]. Ishii reported that more than half of the new members have gotten involved in League activities–by attending one of the new member socials or other League meetings or by volunteering at events or meetings.

In January and February 2017, and perhaps, thereafter,  new member socials will be held on Saturday afternoons. at the League office, Suite F,  at 2530 San Pablo Ave in Berkeley. At these events, attendees hear from longtime League members about League history and current lobbying and other activities.  More important, they get to ask questions and tell the group what issues and activities they want to work on. See the calendar for the exact date and time of the next member social.  All welcome.

Free Membership is effective, at least initially, but the League needs to welcome and engage these new members, so that they continue in the League and become a new generation of leaders and activists. For some involvement options, see “League Needs You”.  Of special interest may be  the Civics Education Team, which is just starting a focus on Prop. 13 reform in January 2017. Contact Team Leader Ruby MacDonald, ruby@lwvbae.org.

Jinky-gardner-cu-edited 2016Ishii and Gardner [at left] and the Board recognize that  more work needs to be done to encourage new members to become involved, active, continuing members and to help current Team and Board leaders and members welcome these members effectively. Although the Membership Team recognizes that the League has strengths–a network of inspiring women and men and powerful, necessary work among them,  they also pointed to some weakness that need to be overcome– such as resistance to change and need to welcome newcomers and to adapt to new methods of communication among newer, younger members. The report suggested that current leaders need to learn to delegate and avoid micromanaging.

New Members–you are welcome to reach out to any of the League Leaders and Teams and discuss your interests with them.

Ishii and Gardner are also developing a new Membership Guide. You can see the report and the new tools on the Membership Team page .

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