The League Needs You in Post-Election World

We can do it poster image.In the new post-election world, the League has lots of work to do.  You joined the League of Women Voters because you care about your community and you care about democracy.  Here are some ways you can help the League do its work.  

Whether you are ready to volunteer or want to discuss the possibilities, feel free to email or phone Deborah Malbec, president at (510) 225-9598.


Open Board Positions:

Communications Coordinator:

    • There is a busy and active team of accomplished members who write and manage the web page, develop and edit the bi-monthly VOTER, handle publicity and press releases, produce the weekly eBlast and manage the calendar and Meetup postings.  But none of these people regularly attend board meetings.
    •  The Communications Coordinator, who may be a board member, keeps these volunteers informed of events to be posted, identifies priorities and helps them coordinate their activities.  Both the current president and the previous one held this position prior to their presidency.


Committees to Join:

Membership Committee: chaired by Jinky Gardner

Fundraising Committee: Chaired by Jessica Powell,

Affordable Housing: new committee needs new chair

Office Administration: chaired by Regina Beatus

See also our long term committees which will always accept new members:

Civics Education
Climate Change
Environmenal Concerns
Health Care
Voter Services
Independent Activities/ Committee Chairs needed:

Volunteer Coordinator/Team: Contact and schedule volunteers to staff LWV events. This position reports to the Program Director and works closely with the Membership Team.

Social and Networking Coordinator: Organize social and networking events for the League including happy hours and mixers. This position reports to the Program Director and works closely with the Communications and Membership Teams.

Fundraising Coordinator/Team: Manage outreach to donors and organize fundraising events. This position reports to the Program Director.

Transit & Transportation Monitor:  Attend AC Transit and BART meetings; keep League members informed on  concerns and upcoming actions.

The VOTER Editor:  Take stories written by many members, format and arrange them for print. This takes quite a lot of time, but only every 2 – 3 months.  Urgent Need!

eBlast Editor:  Produce the weekly eBlast of League and local activities using MailChimp software and the League Calendar. (Software is web based)  Takes about 2 – 3 hours/week done on your own using your personal computer.

Tabling:  Organize and arrange LWVBAE tabling efforts at street fairs and other public events such as Solano Stroll, National Voter Registration Day,  Berkeley Streets, Juneteenth, etc.

Government Watchdogs:  attend committee and board meetings wearing your League button, Write a brief report (under 100 words) and submit it to

Photographers:  many – if you attend an event, please take photos and share them with

Town/Gown Coordinator:  establish and develop relationships with the University Community.

Community Choice Energy Monitor:  Community Choice Energy (CCE) allows public agencies to purchase electricity on behalf of customers, as an alternative to investor owned utilities (like PG&E). The goal of a CCE (which is also called community choice aggregation or CCA) is to provide cleaner, greener, and more local electricity to customers.  Alameda County and the city of Berkeley are studying the possibilities of doing this.  LWVBAE needs a member to participate in the study and keep our membership informed. * just filled by Janice Blumenkrantz*  Thank-you Janice.

Outreach:  Keep in contact with Religious groups and other Civic groups  such as NAACP, BOCA, etc.  .** New Preston Jordan **





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