So you think the election is over?

Not Yet!

If you have read your Election booklet carefully you will have seen this: “Beginning on November 8 through December 6, 2018, the Election results website will update every day by 5:00 p.m. as counties count the remaining ballots. The official results of the election will be posted by December 14, 2018.

If you check our election page you will find the Dec 6 results. And some interesting ideas.

  • 67% of registered voters in Alameda County voted.
  • 49% of those voters voted by mail-in ballot.
  • 18% of those voters voted on election day.

You can see why it would take so long for final answers, with most voters voting by mail-in ballot. The mail takes longer to come in and the ballot count takes longer still.

Most people who are in the lead on the day after the election will stay in the lead give or take a few of percentage points. But not so with the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Right after the election Marshall Tuck had 50.6% of the vote against Tony Thurmond’s 49.4%. But by December 6, and even before, the count had turned and Tony Thurmond now has 50.9% of the vote. He wins by 1.8%. That is 187,174 votes. It’s not over until the well rounded Lady sings or the law says so.

–Linda Carothers
Web Manager


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