June 5 Primary Election Update: Ballot Measures

button image-June ElectionsWant a preview of the ballot measures you’ll be voting on June 5?  Here are  links to the official filings of the  5 state measures, the one regional measure, the one Alameda County Measure and the Emeryville measure.  We have League Pros & Cons available for state and regional measures. County and local Pros & Cons coming soon.

Voters Edge is the best and most complete source of unbiased election information, all info on candidates is not yet posted as of April 13. It will include both the Easy Voter Guide and the Pros & Cons for measures as they are available and the candidates statements about themselves.
It also tells you about who is giving money to candidates and for and against measures!!!

Here are the 5 statewide propositions on the June ballot as they were submitted to the Sec of State
Here’s the link to the Pros & Cons on the State Ballot measures.

from League of Women Voters of CA Ed Fund

There is regional measure–Regional Measure 3, increasing bridge tolls to fund transportation.

Here is the link to the official submission

and the official arguments for and against.

Regional Measure 3 Pros and Cons is the Pros & Cons
from League of Women Voters of the Bay Area

There is a Alameda County child care tax measure. Here is Measure A as it was submitted to

the Registrar of Voters with the official arguments for and against.

Alameda County Measure A Pros & Cons from the League of Women Voters of Oakland


Emeryville has a housing bond measure.
Here is Measure C as it was submitted,

with official arguments for and against.

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