President Deborah Malbec: League Challenges in 2017

Deborah Malbec

Deborah Malbec

What an election season!  The ups, the downs!  All of the local Berkeley and Albany measures came out with the results recommended by LWVBAE.  Berkeley voter participation was over 78% – that in itself is a big win, the highest participation since at least 1980.  AC Transit, BART and Affordable Housing all won funding support.  Most of the California State measures were also as League recommended, with the sad exception of the death penalty, which will remain in place, with procedures to hasten it, yet most experts think that Measure 62 will be held up in court battles for years.

On the national front, the will of the majority will not be granted.  But we must not give up!  Fighting for voting rights, for fair treatment for immigrants, and for medical care support must continue.  Working to reverse the effects of climate change requires on-going effort.  The work of the League of Women Voters is even more necessary than before.  Our committees will be gearing up for on-going action – please be an active participant!

Deborah Malbec,

President LWVBAE

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