CA General Election Results – November 8, 2016

California Propositions

YES                       Prop 51 – K-12 and Community College Facilities

YES                       Prop 52 – Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program

NO                         Prop 53 – Voter Approval of Revenue Bonds

YES                       Prop 54 – Legislative Procedure Requirements

YES                       Prop 55 – Tax Extension for Education and  Healthcare

YES                       Prop 56 – Cigarette Tax

YES                       Prop 57 – Criminal Sentences and Juvenile Crime Proceedings

YES                       Prop 58 – English Proficiency. Multilingual Education

YES                       Prop 59 – Corporate Political Spending Advisory Questions

NO                        Prop 60 – Adult Film Condom Requirements

NO                        Prop 61 – State Prescription Drug Purchase Standards

NO                        Prop 62 – Repeal of Death Penalty

YES                       Prop 63 – Firearms and Ammunition Sales

YES                       Prop 64 – Marijuana Legalization

NO                        Prop 65 – Carryout Bag Charges

YES                       Prop 66 –Death Penalty Procedure Time Limits

YES                       Prop 67 – Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags


Regional Measures

YES                       BOND MEASURE A1: Alameda County Affordable Housing Bond

YES                       BOND MEASURE RR: BART Safety, Reliability and Traffic Relief

YES                       AC TRANSIT MEASURE C1:AC Transit Parcel Tax Extension


Berkeley Measures

YES                       MEASURE E1      BSEP Parcel Tax

YES                       MEASURE T1      Infrastructure and Facilities Bond

YES (74%)            MEASURE U1     Business License Tax – City Sponsored Measure

YES (71%)            MEASURE DD     Business License Tax – Citizens’ Initiative

YES                       MEASURE V1     Gann Appropriation Limit

YES                       MEASURE W1    Citizens’ Redistricting Commission

YES                       MEASURE X1      Public Campaign Financing

YES                       MEASURE Y1      Youth Voting

YES                       MEASURE Z1      Low Income Housing Authorization

YES                       MEASURE AA     Rent Board Ordinance

NO                        MEASURE BB     City Sponsored Measure

NO                        MEASURE CC     Citizens’ Initiative


Albany Measures

YES                       MEASURE N1     Measure D Reform

YES                       MEASURE O1     Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

YES                       MEASURE P1      Property Tax for Sidewalks

YES                       MEASURE Q1     Administrative Changes

YES                       MEASURE R1      Civil Service Board

YES                       MEASURE S1      School Board Term Limits


Official Secretary of State Results

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