Living Wage and Economic Inequality at LWVUS Convention May 2014

The League of Women Voters Berkeley Albany Emeryville’s campaign at LWVUS Convention in Dallas June 5 to 10, 2014

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Caucus Sat 8:45 pm in

              Meeting Room Arts District 10



Vote Yes on Saturday

To Change the Order of Business to Consider Non-Recommended Items First
Before Board-recommended Program

Vote Yes on Sunday

To Consider Concurrence with LWV Kansas’ Living Wage Position
To Consider Adopting the Proposed Study of Economic Inequality

Vote Yes on Monday

On Living Wage & Economic Inequality

Changing the order of business will encourage delegates to bring important & timely non-recommended items to the floor for discussion on Sunday—please vote yes, even if you do not plan to vote to adopt them on Monday.

Concurrence with Kansas Living Wage Position: “Encourage establishment of a living wage policy by government and for-profit businesses that receive tax incentives and/or other public funds.” In the 1920’s & 1930’s League was a strong advocate for minimum wage; a League representative sat on the 1938 Commission that established the minimum wage.

Support of a living wage flows logically from our Meeting Basic Human Needs position: “The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that one of the goals of social policy in the United States should be to promote self-sufficiency for individuals and families and that the most effective social programs are those designed to prevent or reduce poverty.” Adopting this concurrence would move LWVUS towards its historic support of the minimum wage. With our Meeting Basic Human Needs position, Leagues should be able to support a living or minimum wage—but currently they are not permitted by LWVUS to do so.

• Proposed Study of Economic Inequality: The study would “identify the social and political impacts of economic inequality on our democracy and seek appropriate policy solutions.“ We are striving to bring this issue to the attention of our fellow Leaguers—in the hope that Leagues nationwide will adopt such studies or run public forums on the topic—so that, by the next Convention, the topic might be adopted by LWVUS.

Come to our Caucus Saturday evening at 8:45 pm in Arts District 5 to discuss these issues and convention strategy

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