Measures O&P

photo Jesse Arreguin

Mayor Jesse Arreguin

The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville is proud to support Berkeley Measures O & P.

Watch the Video of Jesse Arreguin being interviewed on Measures O & P by our President Adena Ishii.

Measure O    Berkeley Low Income Housing Bond

Berkeley is in a housing crisis, and the Bay Area is building less than half of the affordable homes we need. This measure will create and preserve affordable housing for low-income households, working families, and individuals including teachers, seniors, veterans, the homeless, artists, and persons with disabilities. We need local funding to access matching funds at the county, state, and federal levels. The money can only be used for affordable housing and will be subject to citizen oversight and independent audits.

Measure P    Transfer Tax Increase for Homeless Services

Berkeley needs services to ensure that homeless people find housing and stay housed. This increase in the transfer tax would be for ten years and only affect the top 1⁄3 of houses sold. The home buyer usually pays the transfer tax. The funds would support services such as navigation centers, mental health support, rehousing and other services for the homeless, including seniors and youth. A Homeless Services Panel of Experts Commission will be created to recommend the most effective homeless services to the City Council.

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