YES on 15!

Prop 15 logo“YES on Prop. 15!” is now the cheer energizing supporters of the Schools and Communities First! state ballot proposition for VICTORY on Nov. 3! The heroic SCF! campaign to close the loophole exploited by owners of large commercial properties for 40 years and deliver up to $12 billion of new revenue to schools and communities statewide should benefit Alameda County schools and communities by a cool $17 million. Passing Prop. 15 on the Nov. 3 ballot to win this hard-earned largesse comes at a critical time when COVID-19 is now poised to decimate budgets of school districts and local governments.

LWVBAE Prop. 13 Reform Chairpersons Elise Mills and Pat Tostenson are busily coaching Team members on the “RIPPLE” message: Recover up to $12 billion by closing the property tax loophole used by owners of large commercial property in order to Invest in schools and communities with Protection for home owners, renters and agricultural property owners and no tangible Personal property tax on small business owners followed by Local control spending of new revenue by schools and local governments after Equitable scheduling of reassessment of businesses to ease tax burden.

Contact Elise and/or
Pat Tostenson

to join the Schools and Communities First! Team to help pass Prop. 15.

–Ruby MacDonald, President

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