Voter Registration at Berkeley High School

photo Kandea Mosley

Kandea Mosley and
the Thank You Banner

Energized LWVBAE volunteers boosted voter registration of seniors and juniors at Berkeley High School on Aug. 21 and 22 when students arrived for school registration. Suggested by Academic Curriculum Vice Principal Felicia Phillips and with the help of Leadership teacher John Villavicencio, the BHS/LWVBAE partnership increased student registration at this event almost 4-fold! Volunteers focused on friendly engagement of students to put voter registration forms into their hands for immediate completion and a Thank You banner (Pictured here next to new League member Kandea Mosley) appeared key to improved results. An enthusiastic shout-out to new volunteers Patty Kates, Maryl Gearhart, Joe Healy, Pat Tostenson, Kandea Mosley, Karen Zojaji and Dorothy Gordon and to old timers Christine Wenrich, Sherry Smith, Helene Lecar, Bob MacDonald and Bobbie Spike for their efforts!

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