Vote With the League – March 5th Primaries 2024

Recommendations on Ballot Measures & Propositions


Measure G – Albany Unified School District Parcel Tax
This measure would allow the District to impose a special parcel tax at the rates of $0.55 per building square foot on improved property, and $25 per unimproved property. The revenue from the tax will go towards funding for science, math, arts, reading, and language instruction; hiring and retaining teachers; and school safety. Measure G would help the District recover from the loss of funding from the Golden Gate Fields’ closure, and ensure that local students are provided with high-quality education.
A 2/3 vote is required to pass. Vote YES 

Measure H – Berkeley Unified School District Parcel Tax
This measure authorizes the District to impose an annual special parcel tax at the rate of $0.54 per square foot on the square footage of all improvements and $25 per parcel on all unimproved properties beginning July 1, 2025 for a period of 8 years. This measure provides vital public school funding, and the revenue goes towards school programs, instruction, and student support.
A 2/3 vote is required to pass. Vote YES


Measure A – Charter Amendment: Civil Service
The County charter section 36(b) currently requires the Commission to provide a notice of no less than 25 days of each competitive examination to fill a classified position. Measure A will amend this section by changing the minimum days for notice from 25 days for “14 calendar days”.
No Position

Measure B – Charter Amendment: Recall
This measure would change the language of Section 62 of the County of Alameda Charter, which governs recall elections within the County. Section 62 was passed in 1926 and has not been updated since, with several provisions being outdated or possibly unconstitutional. Measure B would amend Section 62 to adopt California state law to govern recall elections.
Requires a simple majority to pass. Vote YES


Proposition 1 – Mental Health Services Program and Bond
Although California has a critical need to resource better mental health and addiction services and to address our crisis of homelessness, the League of Women Voters of California opposes Proposition 1 for a number of important reasons. The bond portion of the measure was rushed through the legislature with last-minute amendments that opened the door to funding involuntary treatment in locked facilities. Furthermore, Prop 1 does not increase the overall funding for mental health services for counties.
Read more about LWV’s stance here:
Vote NO


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