Training for Schools and Communities First Presenters

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The League of Women Voters of California, along with scores of other civic and pro-education organizations, has as a top priority this year and next campaigning to pass a proposition that will appear on the November 2020 ballot. The campaign is now known as Schools and Communities First! The measure would reform Proposition 13 by assessing commercial property at its market value, not purchase price, while leaving intact all provisions protecting homeowners and renters.

For decades our state enjoyed a reputation for the finest public schools, from kindergarten through higher education, in all of America. Then, in 1978, the Prop. 13 initiative passed and revenue from property taxes plummeted. Forty years later, you know the result: truncated local services and most notably, the drop in support for California schools from among the top ten to the bottom five states in the country.

With your efforts to pass the Schools and Communities First! initiative, which will appear on the November 2020 ballot, we can close corporate loopholes that rob our local schools and communities of an estimated $11 billion every year. The current protection of homeowners and renters will be retained.

Sign up for one of the trainings noted above by e-mailing or phoning the League office (510 843-8824) and be part of the campaign to at last correct the unfairness of corporations failing to pay their fair share in support of all that is California!

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