The Prop. 13 Reform Team is at it again! 

Prop 13 Reform Team

Bobbie Spike, Patty Kates, Rebecca Dahlberg, Pat Tostenson, Elise Mills, Rainey Sykes (seated).

Their Schools and Communities First! campaign, which put a measure on the Nov. 2020 ballot, is gathering signatures for a new petition — called “Re-file” by some — which contains some important changes.  The “Re-file” still protects homeowners and renters but will require fewer commercial properties to be assessed every 3 years at market value — i.e. properties worth $3 million or more, instead of $2 million.  Other key additions include proposed revenue for low income neighborhoods within wealthy districts and provisions to minimize administrative burdens for assessors.

If the new petition fails to obtain the required number of signatures, the first measure will still be valid.  If the new petition does obtain the required number of signatures, it will replace the first measure.  To once again help with signature gathering, each LWVBAE member will receive a blank petition in the mail and a return envelope to send completed petitions to the Office so all will have a chance to help put “Schools and Communities First!”

If you have questions, please contact Prop. 13 Team Leaders Pat Tostenson or Elise Mills or leave a message on the Office phone (510 843-8824).

–Ruby MacDonald

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