The Mighty Mailers of Prop. 15 Brochures!

Prop 15 team members in the League office

Elise Mills, President Ruby MacDonald, and Pat Tostenson

Every LWVBAE member and supporter is getting the chance to do their part to propel Prop. 15 to victory! Schools and Communities First Team Leaders Elise Mills and Pat Tostenson recently stuffed envelopes with five copies of the informative brochure created by the Prop. 15 Team (formerly Prop. 13 Reform Team) to be mailed to LWVBAE members and supporters. LWVBAE President Ruby MacDonald and Office Manager Suzanne Chun gladly pitched in.

Suzanne Chun with prop15 brochures

Suzanne Chun & brochures

Even though COVID-19 is keeping people at home or at least socially distanced and masked, each brochure recipient will be able to give a Prop. 15 brochure to at least five family members, neighbors, friends or store clerks (!) to make sure voters keep focused on passing this state proposition on the Nov. 3 ballot, in spite of the number change from 13 to 15! Ironically, the pandemic – although making it harder to get the word out on voting for Prop. 15 – is making Prop. 15’s passage more imperative than ever in view of its tremendous costs in continuing unemployment, medical care, distance learning for school and college students and business disruption.
Make sure you do your part to pass Prop. 15!

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