The City of Emeryville Wants Your Feedback

Emeryville’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year plan that local residents – whether they live in or simply routinely visit the city – are asked to weigh in on by March 31st. Public feedback helps shape Emeryville’s CIP that in turn guides the city’s investment in public buildings, parks, streets, sewers, and other facilities. Projects included in the CIP are large-scale, long-term investments that build, replace, or improve public infrastructure. CIP is often used by City of Emeryville staff as a useful roadmap to design, construct, and repair city structures that support a livable and sustainable Emeryville.

This year, CIP would like to get your input on how essential projects should be built, replaced, or improved. Fill out the CIP Priority Survey (a public survey that collects input on project priorities based on a draft list of projects): . For more information to participate and engage in committee meetings, refer to the website!


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