The census bureau wants you!

A census taker approaching a houseApply by December 31 for a census bureau job as an enumerator (a census taker) or another census staff position in Berkeley May and June 2020. The U.S. Census Bureau application is at Interviews for this position will occur in January and February.
As an enumerator, you will canvas your local community to assist those who have not yet completed the census form. You will earn $25 per hour and will be paid for training. Shifts will be part-time and flexible.
Enumerators aid in ensuring that “hard-to-count” and traditionally underrepresented populations such as low-income households, unhoused individuals, immigrants, and seniors are included in the census.
Federal funding for critical infrastructure and services (such as affordable housing, schools, senior services, health care) are allocated based on the census results. The census also determines state and federal representation in the form of congressional seats and electors for California. Census data is also used locally to plan bus routes, draw council district boundaries, and locate community services.

More information can be found at the City of Berkeley’s website.

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