The California Convention for Everyone

The Convention 6/7/21 – 6/13/21. Anyone can observe for free. A perfect opportunity to learn about the League of Women Voters in our state and how it works!

There are three types of attendees.
The Delegates who are from from each League in the State. They are able to attend all aspects of the Convention. They alone cast the votes that determine the future of the State League in the next two years. Our Delegates have been chosen months ago.
• The Nonvoting Attendees. The cost is $25. They are able to observe the Plenary Sessions. Register for all Workshops and Events occuring June 8-June10. Sign up for all Caucuses and Meetings Monday June 7th.
The No Cost Attendees. They are able to observe the Plenary Sessions. Sign up for all Caucuses and Meetings Monday June 7th.

What is the difference between a Workshop and a Caucus?
Workshops are planned and hosted by LWVC. A workshop attendee will come away with learning something (issue or task based) that will help their work in League. A caucus is an informal meeting, typically hosted by a local League, at which discussions are held to hear opinions, garner support or opposition, or to gain understanding of an issue, position, or project.

Our own League member Adena Ishii is a member of the LWVC DEI Task Force which is presenting a Workshop on the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit. There are also workshops on Climate, Effective Conversations, the Homeless Action Policy Toolkit, the LWVC Housing Position, and Criminal Justice Reform among others.

Our own League members Dr. Henry Abrons and Becky Stephens are conveners of the Health Care: Inequities and Opportunities caucus. There also caucuses on Immigration, Environmental Justice, and Volunteer Development among others.

To see more, sign up, and register click here.

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