Summer Interns Hit the Ground Running! 

Janaki Gogulamudi

Janaki Gogulamudi

Recently our League welcomed two summer interns, Janaki Gogulamudi and Simelia Rogers. Janaki and Simelia are both entering their third year of college this fall, with Janaki transferring to UC Davis and Simelia returning to UC Santa Cruz.

Recruited as “Voter Services/Action” interns,  Janaki and Simelia have been busy with projects ranging from affordable housing and homelessness to voter services to the ongoing police review commission activities in Berkeley. They also have been working with community organization Latinos Unidos to support a Latinx voting initiative in a primarily Latinx district in Berkeley.

“I’m excited to interact with and mobilize voters in a new, creative COVID-proof way,” says Simelia, who looks forward to assisting the League reach traditionally underrepresented communities in the upcoming election season.

Simelia Rogers

Simelia Rogers

Simelia has also been tracking the diversion of funds from Measure P (funds originally dedicated to combating homelessness in Berkeley) to COVID-19 relief by attending city meetings, and constructing a housing guide for Berkeley residents regarding the recent rent moratorium.

“I’m really excited to have the opportunity to provide resources to people regarding the housing situation,” says Simelia.

Meanwhile, Janaki has also been following the Berkeley Police Commission meetings.

“I’m grateful that I’ve been able to attend all the meetings with all the situations going on right now, and I’m also grateful for being able to get the information and spread it around,” says Janaki.

Look forward to Simelia’s first article being published soon; in the meantime, check out Janaki’s article on the recent Berkeley Police Commission meeting.

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