Statewide Housing Plan Survey


You can help shape the future of California housing by taking the Statewide Housing Plan Survey from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) before April 23.

A few years ago, HCD led the California Statewide Housing Assessment of California’s housing. This assessment yielded the Housing Action Plan with strategies and long-term goals, which are now in place.

Voters all over California have approved funding for more affordable homes, yet long-standing policies that create barriers to housing still remain, and the catastrophic impacts of COVID-19 on housing and homelessness will be felt for years to come, unless we build a better path forward.

With this in mind, HCD is rebranding the assessment as the Statewide Housing Plan and is asking for your input on:

  • Housing needs for all residents, including vulnerable populations
  • Details about current housing conditions
  • Recommended actions for government and private sectors to achieve housing goals
  • Housing assistance goals, including goals for people experiencing homelessness
  • Identification of constraints and recommendations to remove barriers
  • Evaluation of data priorities and needs to support housing goals
  • Strategies to coordinate housing assistance and activities

Take the survey:

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