Solo Arts Heal Climate

Environmental Concerns Speaker SeriesMonday, march 8th, 2021, at a virtual meeting, Gail Schickele and the MarshStream will present SOLO ARTS HEAL CLIMATE, exploring trends at the intersection of Climate Change and Performing Arts.


Gail Schickele

Gail Schickele

Writer, producer and activist Gail Schickele will talk about her work with artists whose shows manifest the healing power of the arts with focus on our Mother Earth in peril.

SOLO ARTS HEAL CLIMATE is a monthly climate edition of the COVID-driven LIVE MarshStream virtual show SOLO ARTS HEAL, founded by Schickele and Marsh Theater SF/ Berkeley Founder/Executive Director Stephanie Weisman to showcase artists and talk-backs with resources related to physical and mental health challenges. Since April 2020 Schickele has curated and hosted weekly SAH shows presented free on The MarshStream virtual platform to communities worldwide, including shows related to the cry to heal our planet. Presentation includes: Performance excerpts, discussion of artists/shows, and the intersection of performing arts and climate change.

Timothy Mooney

Timothy Mooney in MAN CAVE: a One-Man Sci-Fi Climate Change Tragicomedy celebrated as a “haunting and hilarious” awakening to the critical urgency of the climate crisis. Mooney presents his (now) TEN one-man shows across North America under the umbrella of the Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre. “MAN CAVE has a solid scientific grounding but at the same time manages to be exceedingly funny in addressing an horrific but increasingly likely future… It ought to be required watching for all US voters!”-— Peter B. Ortner, Research Prof/Director Emeritus, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science.

Hai-Ting Chinn

Hai-Ting Chinn

Hai-Ting Chinn in SCIENCE FAIR: An Opera Lovers Love Song to Science.
Conceived and performed by mezzo-soprano Hai-Tine Chinn with pianist Erika Switzer, Science Fair uses physical demonstrations and experiments, a libretto created from the words of scientists, and original music to illuminate our current understanding of the natural world. Celebrating curiosities like the formation of our solar system, the structure of the atom, and the ancient legacy of DNA, Science Fair pairs light-hearted humor with luscious operatic vocals to uplift the ordinary into the realm of wonder.
The Show SCIENCE FAIR is available for viewing FREE SUNDAY MARCH 7, 2021 until Midnight on The MarshStream

ALSO FEATURING a preview of Heather Harpham’s upcoming BURNING; Our Earthday Show, ASTRONAUTICA; and a look at past shows including TEMPTING FATE; PRELUDE TO THE APOCALYPSE; and WASTE MANAGEMENT: THE SHOW

Everyone is welcome. Invite Friends. Settle with your tea and cookies. See you in the virtual World!

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