Solano Stroll 2023

Interns at Solano stroll

Alex Li and the interns Haadiyah Mohammed, Sabrina Zhou, Aina Mahyavanshi, Aidan Yu, and Elaine Zhang

It was a bright and sunny day on Sunday, September 10th, and the yearly Solano Avenue Stroll event was in full swing. Families and friends walked up and down the one-mile long street festival, surrounded by food trucks and vendors, with music on every block from various local musicians creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The League Booth

Standing: Elise Mills and Aidan Yu. Seated: Eloise Bodine and Christine Wenrich.

The League of Women Voters Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville was in attendance at the Stroll from 10 am to 5 pm with our eye-catching, yellow tent, adorned with big blue “LWV” letters on top. Operating the tent were League volunteers, who took the opportunity to get people registered to vote, spread information about Voter’s Edge, and answer questions of passersby. The League also provided stickers, bookmarks, and tote bags with information about the League and voter registration.

Kandea Gandhi & Cynthia Chen

Kandea Gandhi & Cynthia Chen

A large number of the volunteers were past and current interns of the LWVBAE’s Helene Lecar Civic Engagement Program, who drew in many younger Strollers with their enthusiasm and friendliness, assisted by a bowl of Hershey’s kisses. “It’s great to see people here under the age of sixty,” joked Sherry Smith, the former President of the Bay Area League of Women Voters, who was also in attendance as a volunteer. The energy was palpable, and people of all ages, from the elderly to those who were still too young to pre-register to vote came and interacted with our booth.

All in all, it was a successful day thanks to the hard work of our volunteers.

–Elaine Zhang


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