PROGRAM PLANNING Saturday February 18

One of the most important meetings of our year, the annual Program Planning Meeting, will come together by zoom Saturday, February 18 at 1:30 to 4:00 PM.  This is your chance to set our education and advocacy priorities for Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville and the California League.  Come join us on Zoom to make these decisions. In order to vote on decisions you have to be a current member of the League. Register Here.

Annual Program Planning meetings in every League let members bring their ideas and discuss them with League colleagues.  In alternating years, we discuss National or State League programming.  This year is State.  Is there a policy area where you think the State League should be active but we have never studied?  Or perhaps our positions are out-of-date?  Now is your chance to suggest changes.


The state League asks for our input on issues for emphasis — those where we will spend effort on education and/or advocacy.

LWVC wants our input on how LWVC studies are done.  Should we make the process simpler, more rigorous, different?  And finally, how do we apply our state positions?  Can we use just the principles?  or do we need to have the details spelled out? What would be the basis for deciding?


Where should our local league put most of our effort?

Preparation is Essential

If you feel strongly about an issue, spend some time preparing a brief and persuasive proposal. Your proposal should include:

  • Why is the proposed issue important?
  • What role does the League play in uniquely having impact and moving the issue forward?
  • What are the League positions that support taking action?  
  • Who will work on it?
  • What is the plan forward?

If you’d like to know more about the program planning process for the State League, see their web page.

Now is your opportunity to influence our League’s direction!  

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