Restoring a Safe and Healthy Climate

Restoring Climate GraphicClimate Restoration and Activism Fair, film screenings, and panel. January 21, 6 – 9:00pm. Tickets $10 – 15. Presented by: Citizens Climate Lobby. Our league will have a table there.

Faced with dire predictions and warnings about the current and future effects of climate change, many of us are working hard to mitigate and adapt to this existential threat. Others have given up, feeling that it’s “too late, we’re doomed”. Fear does not absolve us of our obligation to our children, future generations, and the natural world by simply assuming it’s impossible to restore the climate. Creating a new paradigm that puts climate restoration at the center of our goals moves us beyond cynicism and despair and is critical to the survival of humanity. What does it take to go beyond mitigation and adaptation to restoring a safe, healthy, and habitable climate like the one in which humans evolved? Meet experts on the cutting edge of Climate Restoration in this talk, including a Climate Restoration and Activism Fair, film screenings, and panel.

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