Registration for LWVC 2021 Convention is OPEN!

LWV member or nonmember, you can register now at to attend the virtual League of Women Voters of California 2021 Convention from June 7 – 13! The ever worthwhile and engaging biennial convention promises to inform, energize and inspire attendees on a range of timely topics such as Homelessness and Affordable Housing, Water in California, Climate Protection efforts, all-important Redistricting of the electoral map of California, state of Criminal Justice Reform, Healthcare for all and many more.

An unexpected boon of the COVID19 pandemic because of its mandatory reliance on digital conferencing by Zoom and other platforms has been the surge in attendance of conventions of a number of organizations. This surge effect transformed the national LWV Convention last June with attendees previously unable to travel long distances to the LWVUS Convention being whisked to the gathering by the magic of Zoom. This June a bargain at $25.00 will allow anyone 16 years of age or older to register as a nonvoting delegate to attend the LWVC 2021 Convention for a week long feast of caucuses presented by local Leagues, workshops organized by state League leaders and the plenary or business sessions of the League of Women Voters of California.

The tentative schedule includes 1) hour-long caucuses organized by local Leagues on various subjects on Monday, June 7, 2) workshops covering Climate and Voter Services Efforts on Tuesday, June 8, on Homelessness and Housing Matters on Wednesday, June 9 and Criminal Justice topics on Thursday, June 10, and 3) plenary sessions ending the meeting from Friday, June11 to Sunday, June 13.

Don’t miss out – register for the LWVC Convention 2021 now!

–Ruby MacDonald, President

What can I attend at no cost? Anyone is welcome to observe the plenary sessions, as they will be streaming live. A link will be published at a later time. Caucuses are also free for anyone to attend. The schedule of caucuses will be available on May 7, and registration links will be provided for each caucus. We hope that observing and participating in the LWVC convention will help increase your interest in becoming a member.

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