Prop. 15 Shifts into High Gear!

Man setting up 'Yes on 15' sign.With the Nov. 3 election only about a month away Prop. 15 Team Members are shifting into high gear to close the commercial property tax loophole used by 10% of businesses since 1978 to avoid paying about $10 billion for K-12 schools and local communities.
You can choose any of the following ways of helping to pass Proposition 15 for Schools and Communities First! More can be found at

1. “Yes on Prop. 15!” Window/Yard signs (see photo) are still available for display. Especially if you live on a street with a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, please get a sign from Pat Tostenson or Elise Mills, Prop. 15 Team Leaders. Bright idea from Elise: if you don’t have a yard or a window with good visibility but have a car you park on the street, put a Prop. 15 sign in your rear window during the time it’s parked and get some campaign mileage out of your car even when it’s stationary!

2. Hand-writing letters to voters on a list provided by the Schools and Communities First! campaign is another easy way to help pass Prop.15 for people who enjoy writing, says Pat. Based on evidence that a personalized, hand-written letter is more persuasive than a typed or printed one, this strategy is described on the campaign website with tips on appropriate language to use, do’s and don’t’s and a sample letter, in addition to the names of voters and their addresses you would be assigned to write to.

3. If you prefer connecting with voters by speaking instead of writing, phone banking to selected voters is another important outreach tool with easy-to-use computer programs which provide voters’ names and telephone numbers, scripts which suggest dialogue for each step of your conversation and a data collection system to keep track of the results of each call you make. A number of sites are available – for example:

Phone bank for Schools & Communities First!

“In this time of COVID-19, you can help bring in new revenue from Prop. 15 which is desperately needed to fill budget gaps of Schools and Local Communities! Thanks!”

–Ruby MacDonald. President


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