Prop 15, Schools & Communities First – What’s Next?

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Prop 15 on the November 2020 ballot almost passed – but ultimately, didn’t make it. So what’s next? A large part of the coalition supporting the measure is still meeting. 

Join us on Wed., Aug. 11 at noon for a debrief of the election results and a discussion about what the LWVC role should be in the ongoing coalition. We’ll share some detailed information about where the measure did well – and where it under-performed. More importantly, we’ll talk about the plans for continuing the fight. Where does this campaign fit in with all the other work we are doing in California? How much League energy do we have?

If you can’t make it on Aug. 11, we’ll record the webinar, and continue the discussion on the LWVC Prop 15 Google group.Please do share this with your League members. While non-League members are welcome to join, this is aimed at League members, and will include a discussion about the League’s future engagement with the ongoing campaign. 

–Helen Hutchison, LWVC

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