Police Review Commission And Use of Force Policy – 1st of a Series

Police Review Commission gets the go ahead from Berkeley City Councilmembers for the Use of Force Policy.

LWVBAE members have been attending Berkeley’s Police Review Commission (PRC) meetings since before the Winter Holiday to monitor Use of Force AB 392.  As shelter in place and Zoom meetings became the mode, the Commission was instructed to discuss only issues needing immediate attention. Further, decision-making had to occur with the Police Chief or representative officer present.  Use of Force work ceased at that time.

An Urgency Resolution at the Berkeley City Council’s June 9th Special Meeting, directed the PRC to resume and complete the Use of Force document by the end of June. That and other Urgent Items submitted by Council members Harrison, Arreguin, Davila, and Bartlett, can be found on their June 9 Agenda under Preliminary Matters.

The next evening, June 11th at the regularly scheduled PRC meeting, the Use of Force Policy Subcommittee was renewed with a total of four Commissioners.  PRC Chair Calavita spoke, “Something in our mind has been shocked… by George Floyd’s death” and stated the the Police Review Commission is committed to doing its part, and that it being a time for bold moves, the document would be ready for the Berkeley City Council before Summer Recess as requested. Follow-up Use Of Force Subcommittee meetings were scheduled for June 15 and 17 at 5:30pm. Go to PRC for updates, the agenda, materials, and how to attend the virtual meetings.

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