Police Response to Anti-Asian Violence

Over the past two weeks, the Berkeley and Albany police departments publicly condemned the recent surge in violence against the Asian American community. They have issued their action steps in response, which include stepped up patrols in highly trafficked areas in Berkeley and Albany.

Berkeley police have said they will continue to listen and work with the community in order to effectively respond. The public is urged to report any instances in which a hate crime is believed to have been committed to Berkeley’s Dispatch Center at 510-981-5900.  For hate crimes in progress, call 911.

As reported in Albany Patch, “If you are an Asian American who is the victim of a hate crime, or if you witness such a crime, the first thing to do is call Albany Police.

Next, call the Hate Crime Hotline set up by the DA’s office at 510-208-4824. The Special Response Team is prepared to deal with reports.”

Albany Police recommend the following precautions on their website:

  • Walk with a friend, there’s strength in numbers. 
  • Avoid poorly lit streets and alleys. 
  • Avoid passing too close to shrubs, dark doorways and avoid taking secluded short cuts. 
  • Walk briskly, confidently, and purposefully with your head up and eyes alert. 
  • Focus on your route, not on your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings, don’t wear earbuds/headphones.
  • Don’t carry large sums of cash. If you do carry cash, do not display it in public. 
  • Avoid using an ATM, in particular after dark (If possible, do your banking on-line).

Contact the Albany Police Department immediately if you are victimized (emergency) 9-1-1 (non-emergency) 510-525-7300.

Again, here is the Alameda County District Attorney’s Hate Crime Hotline: 510-208-4824 

–Mattias Hoz, Sophia Kerievsky

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