photo at fall meeting 2019
See the Video here. Helen Hutchison, Interim Executive Director and past President of the League of Women Voters of California, updated us on State Bills that had been supported or opposed by the League, passed by the the Legislature, and signed by the Governor after the last CA legislative session. She singled out a small change in the law that allows propositions to be withdrawn before an election. California  voters are regularly inundated with propositions and this law will do something to help. It is also helping us to strengthen our supported proposition reforming Prop 13. After her talk she was presented with a Spirit of the League award by Sherry Smith.

There was a lovely dinner prepared by our chef Rainy Sykes and served with the help of Pat Day and Angharad Jones.

Jinky Gardner and Christine Wenrich presented the member recruitment plan “Each One Recruit One”and passed out postcards for everyone to use as a recruitment tool.

President Ruby MacDonald introduced our new project to promote Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) within our League. The project was created and will be supervised by DEI Consultant Jessica Li. The first stage of the project begins with 100 members receiving, filling out, and returning the assessment forms designed by Ms Li.

Our thanks to Suzanne Chun and Cynthia Chen for their part in organizing this event.

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