Environmental Concerns: Oil and Gas Industry vs Healthy Communities

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Efforts to Enact Oil Drilling Setbacks in Frontline Communities of California
Monday, September 14, 2020


The discussion included presentation of successful efforts to create setbacks requirements for new drilling in the town of Arvin in the southern Central Valley and larger efforts that have grown out of those experiences.  Including, the status of Assembly Bill 345 which was recently rejected by a California Senate Committee, and what comes next.

Our speakers were:


Julia Kane

Julia Kane, Student at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Juila recently published an article for InsideClimate News: “Tired of Wells that Threaten Residents Health, a Small California Town Takes on the Oil Industry”.

Ingrid Brostrom

Ingrid Brostrom

Ingrid Brostrom, Assistant Director of the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment
Ingrid, who graduated from University of California-Hastings College of Law,  leads CRPE’s Toxic-Free Communities campaign. CRPE represented the local group Committee for a Better Arvin in their legal battles to enact setbacks and formed Voices in Solidarity Against Oil in Neighborhoods (VISIÓN) a coalition of more than 120 organizations that support a statewide setback to protect the health of frontline communities.

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