O & P: Mayor Jesse Arreguin Will Talk This Thursday, Oct 11, 7 pm

photo Jesse Arreguin

Mayor Jesse Arreguin

These two Berkeley measures will be discussed at the Bay Area Children’s Theatre Osher Studio, 2055 Center Street Berkeley, Thursday October 11, 2018, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (LWVBAE) is proud to support Berkeley Measures O&P.

Housing is one of the League’s highest priorities and now the need for affordable housing and for homes and services for people without homes is a broadly shared concern.  Berkeley is responding with Measures O and P–but we have to persuade our fellow citizens to vote for them so that they get the votes they need to pass.

Join the LWVBAE Action Team to hear Mayor Jesse Arreguin speak on these two essential Berkeley Measures. O&P will be on the November ballot, and they address affordable housing and homeless services. Let’s work together to reach Berkeley’s affordable housing goals!

Read more about Measures O&P: https://affordableberkeley.org

Measure O
To jump-start the creation and preservation of affordable housing for working families such as teachers, nurses and public and non-profit employees, and for vulnerable populations such as seniors, veterans, people with disabilities and the homeless.

Measure P
To increase funds available to rehouse the homeless, including homeless seniors and youth, and to reduce the impacts of unsheltered homelessness on our parks, neighborhoods and commercial districts.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization. This means we do not support or oppose parties or candidates. We do take positions on measures that we have studied.

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