NextGen LWVBAE Leaders Work on Climate Solutions 

NextGen illustration

Tabling at the Electrification Fair: Rinta T, Beatrice K, Alex L, and Victoria B.

As part of the Helene Lecar Civic Engagement Program, students and League interns at Albany High School started a Youth Council, extending the work of the Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville League of Women Voters to young community members. The Council has been active over the past year, working to engage a rising generation in civic participation and advocacy.

In the last few months, the Youth Council has been focused on electrification. With new building regulations and rebates for electric heat pumps in Albany and Berkeley especially, electrification has become increasingly relevant to students here at Albany High and an important part of the fight against a warming climate. Students worked to put together a presentation tracing sources of greenhouse gas emissions to natural gas use in buildings, industry, and transportation. Replacing natural gas use, like in home heating and cars, with electric alternatives, like heat pumps and electric cars is the solution. In collaboration with U.S. history teachers, Youth Council members gave several presentations, reaching almost 300 students.

NextGen-Electrification Fair

Victoria B. explaining.

These educational talks were followed up with tabling at the Home Electrification Fair that was hosted by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and co-sponsored by LWVBAE. At the fair, Youth Council members reached out to attendees, discussing electrification related legislation and the work that the Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville League’s climate team has been engaged in.
Through presentations and community outreach events like these, the Youth Council hopes to continue to engage a new generation of community members in the League’s work.


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