National League Convention Report

The resounding slogan “Women Power the Vote for 100 Years” of the 54th Biennial and first virtual LWVUS Convention energized Leaguers present at a peak attendance of 1,749 at the Plenary Session June 25 – 27, 2020!

Deborah Turner

Deborah Turner

Before recapping highlights of the Convention, shout outs are due to our new LWVUS President, Dr. Deborah Turner, and the new LWVUS Board of Directors! Our first African American LWVUS President, Deborah hails from Iowa where she received her M.D. and J.D. and has been a gynecologic oncologist while amazingly finding time for community engagement. This is her acceptance speech.

The Plenary Session was preceded by 30 different Caucuses June 22 – 24, which non-delegates, as well as delegates, were welcomed to attend. Many groups have made available videos of their caucuses so those interested may still be able to access them at the OBSERVER REGISTRATION link in the Convention story and here. The caucuses I attended were “Rebuilding Trust with Each Other to Save Our Civil Society” featuring a talk by noted authority on Civil Discourse and Democracy building, Dr. CarolLukensmeyer, “Engaging Non-Voters & Seldom Voters in Lowest Turnout Precincts” with many tips found useful for voter engagement and “America’s Choices in the Health Care Debate – Defining the Priorities, Understanding the Costs, and What We Can Do” with a stellar slide presentation by our own LWVBAE member, Dr. Hank Abrons! Those interested in joining a new LWVBAE Health Care Team should contact Hank.

Main Plenary Session items included Plenary Report by outgoing President Chris Carson; inspiring message from LWVUS CEO Virginia Kase; Financial Report by Treasurer Jessica Lowe-Minor and Budget Report by Elaine Wiant, both of whom affirmed LWVUS financial health despite increased spending on Vote411 and voter mobilization although Per Member Payment remains the same; Convention Awards for Building Equitable Partnerships to LWVSouthern Monmouth County, NJ, for Storytelling to LWVNewYorkCity and for Strengthening Democracy to LWVOakland (!) and to State LWVNY and much appreciation of fine work and great efforts by outgoing President Chris Carson and LWVUS Board. Thus, an upside to COVID-19 was its requiring virtual conferencing on the LWVUS Convention so that many more League members could attend this important event!

–Ruby MacDonald, President LWVBAE

More Caucus Links: Climate Emergency – Time for All Hands on Deck. Moderated by our own Diz Swift, Making Democracy Work in the Criminal Justice System,  

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