LWVUS Successes; March 2018 Report

March for Our Lives

On March 24 students, parents and concerned Americans congregated in Washington D.C., and other cities across the country, to demand that their lives and safety become a priority and that we finally put an end the epidemic of mass school shootings.

Last weekend we marched. And we intend to keep moving. Our passionate members and volunteers were out in full-force, helping organize events in their communities and registering voters to ensure those speaking out are heard at the ballot box this year.

We marched for the lives of America’s children. We marched to say, “It’s time to stop the violence.” Join the millions of students, parents and concerned Americans today and call on Congress to pass common-sense solutions to curb gun violence.

LWV Kansas Gets Its Day in Court

Earlier this month we heard from Kansans denied their freedom because of a terrible voting law. In Fish v. Kobach, the League of Women Voters of Kansas is fighting against the state’s shameful documentary proof-of-citizenship law.

The Kansas law being challenged violates the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Tens of thousands of Kansans have been denied the right to vote and the law has had a major impact on the way LWV Kansas does voter registration drives in the state. Learn more about the case here.

Benisek v. Lamone

This year, the Supreme Court has taken up two cases on partisan gerrymandering. One deals with a Republican gerrymander in Wisconsin, the other is about a Democratic gerrymander in Maryland.

Last Fall we rallied to stand for fair districts in the Wisconsin case, Gill v. Whitford. And, this week, we gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court again to say, No matter who does it, gerrymandering is wrong 100% of the time.

Learn more about this new case in our blog.

Victory for Pennsylvania!

In a victory for Pennsylvania voters, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block the recently redrawn Pennsylvania congressional districts from moving forward.

This is a huge victory for Pennsylvanians. Moving forward, the votes of Pennsylvanians will not be diluted by the unconstitutional extreme partisan gerrymandering of its congressional districts. In the 2018 election, voters will be voting under new, fairer maps.

The League in Pennsylvania initiated this lawsuit in the summer of 2017 because voters deserve the right for their voices to be heard regardless of party affiliation or address. This victory is an important first step toward slaying the gerrymander.

Chris Carson

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