LWVCA Report–34 League-Supported Bills Now Law; LWVBAE’s Diz Swift & Preston Jordan on State Task Force

The first year of this legislative session is finished, and many bills were signed by the governor. You can see all of the LWVC supported bills that made it here and see which ones have been enacted into law (chaptered). A few of our bills are “urgency” bills and if signed will take effect immediately; others take effect January 1 if a timeline is not specified in the bill. Any bills that the governor neither vetoes nor signs by October 15 will automatically become law.

By the way, don’t forget the useful glossary on our Legislation page. Click on the Legislation Page to see all the League supported bills that have been chaptered ie adopted as laws.

Action Alerts:
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A big THANK YOU to the many who participated in our action alerts. These must be effective as most of our priority bills were passed by the Legislature and have become law. This is an important part of our advocacy effort, and we urge you to respond individually and share in social media when the action starts again in the winter.

Linda Diz Swift

Linda Diz Swift

New Climate Change Task Force

The LWVC board approved the formation of a new state Climate Change Task Force to move our climate change effort forward ever faster. The team is chaired by Linda “Diz” Swift, LWVC Climate Change Program Director and a leader for the LWVUS Price on Carbon national team.

Other appointed imembers nclude:

Preston Jordan photo

Preston Jordan

  • April Anderson (LWV Eden Area), who brings an exceptional talent for policy research.
  • Preston Jordan (LWV Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville), who brings a strong understanding of climate science and policy.
  • Karen Nelson (San Jose/Santa Clara), who brings a combination of environmental background and communication expertise.
  • Gloria Chun Hoo (LWVC board), who brings an in-depth knowledge of League procedures and is a liaison with the LWVC board.

The task force will review state legislation and focus on continuing League education on issues around Greenhouse Gas reduction, climate change impacts, local actions, and trying to foster state level coordination of local Leagues. If your League has a group or individuals interested in climate change – or would like to become more engaged in action – please email climatechange@lwvc.org.

Criminal Justice Webinar
Are you or is someone else in your League interested in the criminal justice system in California? Would you like to see more League work in this area? If so, please view the  webinar from November 13.


Joanne Leavitt
Second Vice President for Advocacy and Program

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