Lively Busy Open House December 2nd

The League, the Sierra Club, the Ecology Center and all our other neighbors shared the open house at 2530 San Pablo Friday December 1st, attracting big crowds. Members of each organization circulated around the other offices–to chat with members and learn about those organizations and to enjoy the variety of foods and music provided. As in earlier years,  our landlords provided a continuing supply of tasty hot pizzas from their restaurant to all the open offices.

Among the flood of visitors through our offices, a few decided to join the league and more signed up to get our email. In lively discussions with new and old friends, we overheard many meetings of the minds on issues we care passionately about.

Marybeth Falzerano,  leader of the CivilTalk Team, and Carol Stone, co-chair of the Environmental Concerns Team, circulated through the building passing out flyers for their upcoming meetings: CivilTalk on Sunday Dec 3 at 1 pm at the Main Library and Environmental Concerns on Wed, Dec 13, at 7 pm at the Northbrae Community Church.

Ruby MacDonald lobbied for Prop 13 Reform.

Postcard Lobbying: Fourteen postcards were written and sent to our three federal elected officials on a range of topics including League priorities such as protecting insurance coverage for contraception, women’s health care, protecting immigrants and DACA young people, supporting climate change, gun control, and other issues such as educating people in critical thinking.

And we danced.

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