Lemonade Out of Lemons: What Leaguers Do During A Shutdown

Expanded vegetable gardens, “Zoom” events, and parties with social-distancing are just a few of the ways League members are making the most of their time during California’s shelter-in-place order that began in March to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Swapan Gandhi in his garden

Swapan Gandhi in his garden.

Swapan Gandhi, an auditory researcher and software engineer, has been helping musicians use online tools to give concerts. He is also planting vegetables in his garden, such as romaine lettuce, greens, and okra.

“I decided to invest more energy in the garden and expand the array of vegetables so we could avoid going to the market as often and still have fresh vegetables,” Swapan said.

Lynne Engelskirchen, a retired urban planner who loves gardening, said she was using the time to create a small community garden while practicing social distancing.

“I have a terrace outside of my living room that I have turned into a mini farm lettuce, arugula, zuchinni,  cukes, kohlrabi, collards, chard, scallions, herbs, and bright red tomatoes.  Now all I need is a chicken coop!.”

The Party table

Boxed Birthday Cupcakes and Corona Beer.

Linda Carothers hosted an apartment court party designed to maintain physical distancing.

“I decorated the space and asked everyone to hang their artwork and decorations on the outside of their windows” Linda said. “Two neighbors serenaded me with a song in Spanish and another gave a trombone concert which included Happy Birthday.”

Kandea Mosley said it’s important we stay in touch with friends, acquaintances and colleagues during this crisis.

“This global crisis has brought into sharp relief how interdependent we are as human beings. Maybe we can re-imagine and create a more humane society that in some way acknowledges this fact as we try to learn from this experience.”

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