League Members Say Voter Reg First Priority

We recently sent you our 2018 Survey, and asked for your input on both the state of our democracy and some of the League’s major priorities. If you took the time to answer our survey, thank you!

Thousands of League supporters from around the country responded and gave their input. We’re still poring over the results, but so far one answer is jumping out at us — and we wanted to share it with you.

When we asked, “Which of our efforts do you believe are the most urgent right now?” most respondents answered, “Voter registration.” And in the open comments, some respondents expressed further concern about millions of people who miss the opportunity to vote because they don’t know how to register or they miss their state’s voter registration deadline.

That’s feedback we take seriously. Help us ensure that everyone who’s eligible to vote has the opportunity to participate in our democracy. Our voter registration work is a top priority and we need your help to do it. Can we count on you for a special gift of $25 or more now?

Making Democracy Work


Our network extends to more than 700 communities nationwide, making the League the one organization capable of defending and protecting our democracy. Your generous gift right now will help us continue to harness our vast volunteer network to register unprecedented numbers of voters.

As we prepare for a critical mid-term election, we have launched our biggest-ever voter registration drive. The League is working relentlessly to reach eligible voters online and at high-impact locations, including naturalization ceremonies, high schools, transit hubs, community events and more.

Most recently we passed a major milestone, League volunteers hosted more than 600 school registration drives, registering nearly 20,000 students to vote so far, this year. Empowering young people to vote has never been more important, and your gift today will support our initiatives aimed to reach even more young people and other underrepresented communities across the country.

Deborah, we’re going to do everything in our power to ensure the 2018 electorate represents the full diversity of our country. Please support our voter registration and other League efforts with a gift of $25, $50, $100 or more today.

Thank you for all that you do to empower voters and defend our democracy.


Chris Carson

Chris Carson
President, LWVUS

P.S. One million registered voters. Tens of t


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