Keeping Up with the Climate Team

Join us for the next Climate Team Meeting at 7-8 PM on Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021! This is the invitation:

Why join the League of Women Voters Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (LWVBAE) Climate Team? We need more voices of all ages and all backgrounds! We need to communicate with any community members we can to raise awareness on vital issues that need to be addressed. You yourself can also introduce any issues that haven’t been given attention. Use your voice. With the support of the League, you have the support from other powerful people around you. 

Anyone can do it. You don’t have to do everything; just involve yourself in some climate talks, seminars, passing on information and volunteering for the causes you can make time for makes a difference. Involve yourself and attend any meeting you can to support the LWVBAE and spread information that we have been talking about. 

I’m a teenager, can I help? Become an intern; You can use any skills, interests and talents you have to advocate for a more sustainable planet. Highschoolers can plan events, volunteer, phonebank, text bank, write articles, make art, social media posts, and bring awareness to issues happening at their schools. Join us to tackle issues like environmental racism, food waste, plastic, company release of greenhouse gasses and food waste. Be a teacher! Be an advocate. 

Things we have worked on in the past include events such as beach clean ups, working with other organizations, holding climate seminars and inviting other experts to teach community members. We plan to continue doing all of these things now. 

We also have many upcoming projects in the works like working with schools on sustainability. We met on October 18th to hold a meeting on how to continue our next steps on how to get schools to introduce food waste practices. In this meeting Candace Hyde-Wang also brought to our attention how people are affected by smoke and fires. “We came up with a plan on how to combat this, which includes safe, affordable housing and water use. Right now we are addressing sustainable climate communities, electrification and wildfires”, Candace said.

Urban wildfire is a future certainty.  We can discuss what this means for the local residents who have been told their homes are at high risk,” Candace continued. “But this also feeds into sustainable climate community planning.  

“We need government support for vegetation management, home gardening, and air purification for people who cannot do this work by themselves.  I have some ideas for how to help property owners to finance these things and we need to also discuss how to help renters, particularly with the wildfire smoke issue,” she concluded.

Join us for the next Climate Team Meeting at 7-8 PM on Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021! This is the invitation:

See what our cities are up to!

  • New housing and healthcare teams and active DEI, criminal justice, and climate teams!
  • Well attended educational events including Police Oversight & Accountability in Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville and Conversation on Housing
  • 10 interns from area high schools and colleges learning about and contributing to LWVBAE’s political priorities 
  • Voter Service: Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for the gubernatorial recall election, including the new “Each 1 Reach 5” Campaign and Emeryville City Council Candidate Forum
  • Action events including “Finish the Job” on voting rights and “Tell Biden to Champion Voting Rights.” Attendees learned about the Freedom to Vote Act and took action, as instructed by LWVUS

– Reena Rongstock-Kramer

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