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Dear Member and/or Supporter,

How gratified the leadership of The League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville (LWVBAE) leadership is to have weathered the last year with you! Although the fight for democracy continues, hopeful signs loom for an end to some of the most alarming recent threats to our mutual safety and peace of mind and that of our families, friends and community.
Helping to meet those challenges, LWVBAE has vigorously pursued the following programs:

  1. Stepping up our efforts against racism with completion of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion member assessment by consultants Jessica Li and Fiona Oliphant, inspiring events like the Aug. 12 “Conversation on Racism” (video on, and a new voter registration partnership with Latinx Unidos de Berkeley,   
  2. Campaigning vigorously for Prop. 15,Taxes on Commercial Property, on the Nov. 2020 ballot to close the property tax loophole used by large commercial businesses for 40 years in order to obtain $6.5 – $12 billion for schools and communities, but NOT affecting property taxes of homeowners, renters, agricultural businesses or small businesses less than $3 million in value,
  3. Continuing the very successful internship program, affording opportunities for nearly a dozen students from local high schools and colleges to enrich their civics learning through observing government at work with LWVBAE and receive training in researching and writing stories thereon for the website,   
  4. Advocating for state and local need, such as Berkeley Measure HH and Albany Measure DD to raise the Utility Users’ Tax to grow a Climate Emergency Fund to fight the Climate Crisis, and providing Voter Services such as Candidate Forums, Pros and Cons and registration events. 

Looking forward to the holidays, one of you made the following great suggestion to me recently: How about giving a special gift this holiday season to your child/children or any young person of a membership in the League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville?

Having experienced a pretty grueling election and aftermath, we all are thankful to put it behind us but with a lingering concern for safeguarding our democracy now and in the future. The future, of course, is the next generation of young people, our children and their friends included, who could welcome encouragement in making their own civic contributions towards a better local, state and national community for all. I hope you agree that there is no better investment in the future than in those who will eventually be responsible for but also inherit the outcome of what we are doing today.

A gift membership can be made through the JOIN button on our website or by sending a check for $75.00 to the League of Women Voters of Berkeley, Albany and Emeryville, 2530 San Pablo Ave., Suite F, Berkeley, CA 94702, with the recipient’s name and email address.

Please respond by Dec. 11 to make a membership gift, renew your own membership, join the League or donate what you can through the links below.

The Board and I look forward to another year of fruitful work, thanks to principled, determined support from members like you!

Members who are signed up for automatic membership renewal or recently joined are only asked to donate if they are able!

With warm wishes for Happy Holidays!

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