Environmental Concerns Speaker Series Sept 11. 2023

Fall 23 Speaker Series headliner

Jim McGrath and the Berkeley Waterfront

On Monday September 11, 2023, 7:30 – 9 pm, Jim McGrath will be speaking about the Berkeley waterfront for the Environmental Concerns Speaker Series. This will include the Berkeley Pier, a possible ferry service to San Francisco and other park issues.
See the video of the talk below.

Jim MGrath and Sylvia McLaughlin

Sylvia McLaughlin and Jim McGrath

Jim is an old blue with an engineering degree from Cal in Coastal and Hydraulic engineering and a background in water quality chemistry. He was until recently chairman of the Regional Water Quality Control Board for San Francisco Bay, and served for more than 15 years on Berkeley Commissions including the Waterfront Commission and the Parks and Waterfront Commission, serving as chair of both. He ran the successful campaign to increase the parks tax (Measure F) and the infrastructure bond (Measure T1). He also ran the campaign against the $650 million bond, Measure L, in 2022. That measure failed. Currently he has organized a group to support the restoration of the Berkeley Pier, and is working with other groups to see if a smaller funding proposal to repair the streets can be placed on the 2024 Berkeley ballot by initiative. He also windsurfs in Berkeley, as he has since 1971.

Join the Speaker Series with this Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86132834544

For more Information, please contact, Environmental Concerns Speaker Series co-chair Carol Stone: seastone11@gmail.com


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