Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow 10-18

Grand Entry Indigenous Peoples Day

The Grand Entry of the Eagle Staff and Veteran’s Color Guard.

Great pride and enthusiasm buoyed everyone attending the 25th Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow and Indian Market at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park last October 8. Tented booths, selling indigenous clothing, jewelry, toys, and art work, ringed a central grassy area serving as the stage on which a steady stream of dancing groups performed to the accompaniment of a drum, flute and stringed instruments. The program listed offerings with intriguing titles such as Open Gourd Dancing, Sober Spirits Blanket Dance, and Potato Dance.

State Senator Nancy Skinner delivering IPD proclamation.

State Senator Nancy Skinner

The highlight was the special Grand Entry of the Eagle Staff & Veteran’s Color Guard Host at 1:00 pm. At 1:30 State Senator Nancy Skinner made the Indigenous People’s Day Proclamation to the appreciation of all. Throughout, the variety of colorful and beautifully made costumes was stunning.

In this overwhelmingly festive atmosphere, LWVBAE set up a Voter Registration table which attracted a new voter. Others who stopped by included a German visitor interested in US elections and a visiting member of the LWV of San Diego. In addition to helping several voters, The LWVBAE Team learned a lot about Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebrations held in as many as 2 dozen cities as far flung as Trinidad and Tobago, Portland, ME and Bainbridge Island, WA!

–Ruby MacDonald

registering voters

Registering Voters

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